5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Wait Till You Are About To POP To Book Your Maternity/Newborn Session

You find out you are expecting! Yayyyy! Now, let me tell you why you should NOT wait till you are about to pop to book your session.

#5. First thing first…If you wait till you are about to POP I might be all booked! This is such a special and exciting time, expectant mommas often book as soon as they find out they are expecting! Sending me a shhh shhh message and paying the retainer to secure their session giving them all the time during their pregnancy to pay for the session.

#4. 40 weeks of pregnancy doesn’t always mean you will have 40 weeks of pregnancy. There are chances little one might want to surprise you earlier <3 Leaving no chance for last minute bookings.

#3. Plan- I LOVE planning my sessions! Booking with time will give me the chance to personalize more your session

#2. Props- with the planning comes the props! Sometimes I have a specific look in mind for your session and I might have to order props, which take some time to sometimes make and arrive.

#1. You can just relax knowing you are IN, get all excited knowing I am working on planning YOUR session with me and you planning with me if you wish! Knowing you will have these beautiful memories that will not come back. You will have these memories froze in time. Those details we think we will never forget but the truth is with time, you might not forget but you won’t have it clear as if you had a beautifully done picture.

Time pass by way too fast and before you know it, you will be having your beautiful baby and before you know it your baby will be growing up right before your eyes!
and I want to be there for you to capture that, to capture those moments <3

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