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You know you are a photographer when...

You know you are a photographer when…

Drum roll please…..

  1. No one understands why you spend so much time at the computer.
  2. After a shoot, you swear you are soooo tired and going to do NOTHING when you get home, just relax, but you know you are lying!! You get home, upload memory card and promise yourself to just take a peek…. but that doesn’t happen.
  3. Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we think of light. “How would I pose my clients here?”
  4. It’s not weird for our children to say things like… “What a beautiful light for photos!” (Yes, this started coming out of my then 4 years old’s mouth lol)
  5. When you try to plan your pregnancy for “low season”
  6. Your brain most often goes at lighting speed with all the ideas and to-do tasks you got.
  7. When you can see the most gorgeous light or get inspire out of the most ordinary/ awkward/ unexpected places.
  8. When attending a wedding as a guest or at an event you pay more attention to the photographer or gear than anything else.
  9. Waking up an hour earlier than normal on a regular day is painful but waking up 3+ hours earlier to get that perfect light… heck yeah!!!
  10. Always thinking… “Oh that would be an awesome shot!”
  11. You spend hundreds of dollars on a light that only turns on for a fraction of a second 😉
  12. You think of the settings you would use at the most random moments.
  13. A stranger ask you to take a picture and you scout for the perfect spot and even ask them to turn a certain way to get the right lighting.
  14. You cringe when you see someone spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in a pair of shoes or purses but can easily spend the same on a camera or gear. Same as said “someone” cringe at you for spending just as much or more on camera gear.
  15. You are very protective of your gear and your heart beats faster than normal if someone else is holding it.
  16. You can stand in the most awkward positions and stretch as you’ve never before just to get “THE SHOT”
  17. When traveling, what a pain to hold your clothes bag but no way you let anyone carry your camera bag! That one is ok to carry 😛
  18. The sound of a camera shutter is like music to your ears…….. sigh… smile… I know you just day dreamed about it 😛
  19. Vacation is more about pictures than relaxing.
  20. When you spend so much time staring at a picture and your eyesight goes from F11 to F1.2 😛


You got some more like these? Add them in the comments below!! 🙂 You know you are a photographer

My baby shooting with his camera from when he was 2 years old <3

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